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1. General information
ECTS credits:
Academic year:
40  42 
First quarter
Main language:
Second language:
Use of additional languages:
English Friendly:
Web site:
Lecturer: ALFONSO GARCIA FIGUEROA - Group(s): 40  42 
Phone number
Office hours
San Pedro mártir

2. Pre-Requisites
Not established
3. Justification in the curriculum, relation to other subjects and to the profession
Not established
4. Degree competences achieved in this course
Course competences
Code Description
E01 To become aware of the importance of law as a regulator of social relations.
E03 Learn to use constitutional principles and values as a working tool in the interpretation of the legal system.
E07 To critically analyze the legal system that allows the identification of the social values underlying the legal norms and principles.
E08 Work on dialogue, debate, argumentation and the proposal of reasonable solutions in different contexts.
E09 To apply the legal system based on the values and ethical principles of the different legal professions.
E11 Ability to create and structure standards.
E13 Solve problems arising from the application of general principles of law and legal norms to factual situations.
E18 To be able to critically evaluate the framework within which State action is carried out and public policies are defined and implemented.
G05 Commitment to the culture of peace, democratic values, human rights and the principles of equal opportunity, non-discrimination and universal accessibility for persons with disabilities, as well as gender issues.
5. Objectives or Learning Outcomes
Course learning outcomes
Additional outcomes
Not established.
6. Units / Contents
  • Unit 1:
  • Unit 2:
  • Unit 3:
  • Unit 4:
  • Unit 5:
  • Unit 6:
  • Unit 7:
  • Unit 8:
  • Unit 9:
  • Unit 10:
  • Unit 11:
  • Unit 12:
  • Unit 13:
  • Unit 14:
  • Unit 15:
7. Activities, Units/Modules and Methodology
Training Activity Methodology Related Competences ECTS Hours As Com Description
Class Attendance (theory) [ON-SITE] Lectures E01 E03 E07 E08 E09 E11 G04 G05 G09 G10 0.84 21 N N
Class Attendance (practical) [ON-SITE] Combination of methods E01 E03 E07 E08 E09 E11 G04 G05 G09 G10 0.45 11.25 Y N
Study and Exam Preparation [OFF-SITE] Self-study E01 E03 E07 E08 E09 E11 G04 G05 G09 G10 1.35 33.75 N N
Practicum and practical activities report writing or preparation [OFF-SITE] Combination of methods E01 E03 E07 E08 E09 E11 G04 G05 G09 G10 1.2 30 N N
Scientific paper reading and review [OFF-SITE] Self-study E01 E03 E07 E08 E09 E11 G04 G05 G09 G10 0.6 15 N N
Progress test [ON-SITE] Assessment tests E09 E11 E13 E18 0.06 1.5 Y Y
Total: 4.5 112.5
Total credits of in-class work: 1.35 Total class time hours: 33.75
Total credits of out of class work: 3.15 Total hours of out of class work: 78.75

As: Assessable training activity
Com: Training activity of compulsory overcoming (It will be essential to overcome both continuous and non-continuous assessment).

8. Evaluation criteria and Grading System
Evaluation System Continuous assessment Non-continuous evaluation * Description
Final test 60.00% 100.00%
Assessment of problem solving and/or case studies 20.00% 0.00%
Practicum and practical activities reports assessment 20.00% 0.00%
Total: 100.00% 100.00%  
According to art. 6 of the UCLM Student Evaluation Regulations, it must be provided to students who cannot regularly attend face-to-face training activities the passing of the subject, having the right (art. 13.2) to be globally graded, in 2 annual calls per subject , an ordinary and an extraordinary one (evaluating 100% of the competences).

Evaluation criteria for the final exam:
  • Continuous assessment:
    Evaluation criteria not defined
  • Non-continuous evaluation:
    Evaluation criteria not defined

Specifications for the resit/retake exam:
Evaluation criteria not defined
Specifications for the second resit / retake exam:
Evaluation criteria not defined
9. Assignments, course calendar and important dates
Not related to the syllabus/contents
Hours hours

Unit 1 (de 15):
Activities Hours
Class Attendance (theory) [PRESENCIAL][Lectures] 21
Class Attendance (practical) [PRESENCIAL][Combination of methods] 11.25
Study and Exam Preparation [AUTÓNOMA][Self-study] 33.75
Practicum and practical activities report writing or preparation [AUTÓNOMA][Combination of methods] 30
Scientific paper reading and review [AUTÓNOMA][Self-study] 15
Progress test [PRESENCIAL][Assessment tests] 1.5
Group 42:
Initial date: 07-09-2021 End date: 22-12-2021
Group 40:
Initial date: 07-09-2021 End date: 22-12-2021

Global activity
Activities hours
10. Bibliography and Sources
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