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1. General information
ECTS credits:
Academic year:
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Second language:
Use of additional languages:
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Office hours
Gil de Albornoz/3.24
969179100 ext. 4252

2. Pre-Requisites
Not established
3. Justification in the curriculum, relation to other subjects and to the profession
Not established
4. Degree competences achieved in this course
Course competences
Code Description
E02 Develop and enhance entrepreneurship, adaptability to change and creativity in any functional area of ¿¿a company or organization.
E07 Understand the economic environment as a result and application of theoretical or formal representations on how the economy works. To do so, it will be necessary to be able to understand and use common handbooks, as well as articles and, in general, leading edge bibliography in the core subjects of the curriculum.
E12 Understand the role of institutions and agents in economic and social activities
G02 Ability to understand the ethical responsibility and the code of ethics of professionals working in the field of economics. To know and apply the legislation and recognition of human rights and questions of gender equality.
G03 Develop oral and written communication skills in order to prepare reports, research projects and business projects and defend them before any commission or group of professionals (specialised or non-specialised) in more than one language, by collecting relevant evidence and interpreting it appropriately so as to reach conclusions.
G04 Ability to use and develop information and communication technologies and to apply them to the corresponding business department by using specific programmes for these business areas.
5. Objectives or Learning Outcomes
Course learning outcomes
Solving problems in a creative and innovative way.
Autonomous work and personal initiative.
Know the models and analysis techniques of the economic and legal environment to which companies are currently facing, with special attention to the search for opportunities and the anticipation of possible changes.
Listen, negotiate, persuade and defend arguments orally or in writing.
Additional outcomes
6. Units / Contents
  • Unit 1:
  • Unit 2:
  • Unit 3:
  • Unit 4:
  • Unit 5:
  • Unit 6:
  • Unit 7:
  • Unit 8:
7. Activities, Units/Modules and Methodology
Training Activity Methodology Related Competences ECTS Hours As Com Description
Class Attendance (theory) [ON-SITE] Lectures E07 E12 G02 G04 2 50 N N
Study and Exam Preparation [OFF-SITE] Self-study E07 E12 G02 G04 3.2 80 N N
Class Attendance (practical) [ON-SITE] Combination of methods E02 E07 E12 G02 G03 G04 0.9 22.5 Y N
Writing of reports or projects [OFF-SITE] Guided or supervised work E07 E12 G02 G04 0.96 24 Y N
Other on-site activities [ON-SITE] Combination of methods E02 G02 G03 0.58 14.5 Y N
Other off-site activity [OFF-SITE] Other Methodologies E07 E12 G02 G04 1.24 31 N N
Final test [ON-SITE] Assessment tests E07 E12 G02 G04 0.12 3 Y Y
Total: 9 225
Total credits of in-class work: 3.6 Total class time hours: 90
Total credits of out of class work: 5.4 Total hours of out of class work: 135

As: Assessable training activity
Com: Training activity of compulsory overcoming (It will be essential to overcome both continuous and non-continuous assessment).

8. Evaluation criteria and Grading System
Evaluation System Continuous assessment Non-continuous evaluation * Description
Final test 70.00% 70.00%
Practicum and practical activities reports assessment 30.00% 30.00%
Total: 100.00% 100.00%  
According to art. 6 of the UCLM Student Evaluation Regulations, it must be provided to students who cannot regularly attend face-to-face training activities the passing of the subject, having the right (art. 13.2) to be globally graded, in 2 annual calls per subject , an ordinary and an extraordinary one (evaluating 100% of the competences).

Evaluation criteria for the final exam:
  • Continuous assessment:
    Evaluation criteria not defined
  • Non-continuous evaluation:
    Evaluation criteria not defined

Specifications for the resit/retake exam:
Evaluation criteria not defined
Specifications for the second resit / retake exam:
Evaluation criteria not defined
9. Assignments, course calendar and important dates
Not related to the syllabus/contents
Hours hours
Class Attendance (theory) [PRESENCIAL][Lectures] 50
Study and Exam Preparation [AUTÓNOMA][Self-study] 80
Class Attendance (practical) [PRESENCIAL][Combination of methods] 22.5
Writing of reports or projects [AUTÓNOMA][Guided or supervised work] 24
Other on-site activities [PRESENCIAL][Combination of methods] 14.5
Other off-site activity [AUTÓNOMA][Other Methodologies] 31
Final test [PRESENCIAL][Assessment tests] 3

Global activity
Activities hours
10. Bibliography and Sources
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