Guías Docentes Electrónicas
1. General information
ECTS credits:
313 -
Academic year:
110 -
Sin asignar
First quarter
Main language:
Second language:
Use of additional languages:
English Friendly:
Web site:
Lecturer: MARIA CORDENTE RODRIGUEZ - Group(s): 30 
Phone number
Office hours
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales Cuenca/Despacho 3.01
Martes 11:00 a 14:00 Miércoles 11:00 a 14:00

2. Pre-Requisites
Not established
3. Justification in the curriculum, relation to other subjects and to the profession
Not established
4. Degree competences achieved in this course
Course competences
Code Description
CB03 Be able to gather and process relevant information (usually within their subject area) to give opinions, including reflections on relevant social, scientific or ethical issues.
CE01 Ability to assess in a collaborative way with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities ¿through further global and inclusive point of view¿ their needs and circumstances.
CE05 Ability for the leadership, management, administration and coordination either public, private or third sector Social Care organizations.
CE06 Ability to apply and integrate knowledge about human needs and social policies in the study, diagnosis, planning, intervention and program evaluation into Social Care organizations.
CG01 Target students for communicative, interactive and team working skills acquisition.
CG06 Ability to gather critical approach on selection, knowledge management and use of ICTs.
5. Objectives or Learning Outcomes
Course learning outcomes
Additional outcomes
Not established.
6. Units / Contents
  • Unit 1:
  • Unit 2:
  • Unit 3:
  • Unit 4:
  • Unit 5:
  • Unit 6:
  • Unit 7:
  • Unit 8:
  • Unit 9:
  • Unit 10:
  • Unit 11:
7. Activities, Units/Modules and Methodology
Training Activity Methodology Related Competences ECTS Hours As Com R Description
Class Attendance (theory) [ON-SITE] Lectures CG06 CE01 1.6 40 N N N
Class Attendance (practical) [ON-SITE] Combination of methods CG06 CE05 CB03 0.8 20 Y N N
Writing of reports or projects [OFF-SITE] Group Work CG06 CG01 CB03 0.8 20 Y N N
Study and Exam Preparation [OFF-SITE] Combination of methods CE05 CG01 1.2 30 Y N N
Study and Exam Preparation [OFF-SITE] Self-study CE06 CB03 1.6 40 N N N
Total: 6 150
Total credits of in-class work: 2.4 Total class time hours: 60
Total credits of out of class work: 3.6 Total hours of out of class work: 90
As: Assessable training activity
Com: Training activity of compulsory overcoming
R: Rescheduling training activity
8. Evaluation criteria and Grading System
  Grading System  
Evaluation System Face-to-Face Self-Study Student Description
Final test 50.00% 0.00%
Assessment of problem solving and/or case studies 30.00% 0.00%
Assessment of active participation 20.00% 0.00%
Total: 100.00% 0.00%  

Evaluation criteria for the final exam:
Evaluation criteria not defined
Specifications for the resit/retake exam:
Evaluation criteria not defined
Specifications for the second resit / retake exam:
Evaluation criteria not defined
9. Assignments, course calendar and important dates
Not related to the syllabus/contents
Hours hours
Class Attendance (theory) [PRESENCIAL][Lectures] 40
Class Attendance (practical) [PRESENCIAL][Combination of methods] 20
Writing of reports or projects [AUTÓNOMA][Group Work] 20
Study and Exam Preparation [AUTÓNOMA][Combination of methods] 30
Study and Exam Preparation [AUTÓNOMA][Self-study] 40

Global activity
Activities hours
10. Bibliography and Sources
Author(s) Title Book/Journal Citv Publishing house ISBN Year Description Link Catálogo biblioteca
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